WiFi Project The WIFI Project WiFi Project


Tommy Sturgeon - Wi Fi Virtual Laboratory

Suzanne Hague - 802.11 informational content

Clare Kerbey - site organisation

Colin Allison - project direction

Alan Millar - project direction

Stuart Purdie - grid service version

J Ross Nicoll - site management


The ns2 simulator is at the heart of the WiFiVL. The network simulator (/ns/) v. 2 was developed by UCB, LLNL, Xerox PARC, USC/ICI, and is currently maintained by USC/ISI. It is an object-oriented, discrete event simulator that is particularly useful for simulating TCP/IP networks. /ns/ also has wireless network models and a network animator (/nam/) tool. It is freely distributed, and all source code, C++ and Object Tcl (OTcl), is available here.

Sponsorship and Support

The work undertaken as part of this project has been supported by the following organisations:


ELeGI - European Learning Grid Infrastructure - is researching the use of exploratory learning environments created from service-oriented architectures and virtualised resources. In this case the WiFiVL is a service based learning environment which virtualises the ns2 simulator.

This work is partially supported by the European Community under the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme of the 6th Framework Programme for RTD - project ELeGI, contract IST-002205. This work does not represent the opinion of the European Community, and the European Community is not responsible for any use that might be made of it.

The main purpose of Saltire Filta grants is to encourage the development of new patterns of learning and teaching, especially where the innovation or development requires pump-priming finance that cannot be provided from normal departmental resources. The Higher Education Academy works with universities and colleges, discipline groups, individual staff and organisations to help them deliver the best possible learning experience for all students.