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WiFi Virtual Laboratory Primer

Go to http://wifi.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/ and enter the virtual laboratory section.

  1. Try loading and running some of the pre-defined scenarios.
  2. Try creating a simple two node scenario:
    • create two nodes, with co-ordinates e.g. 60,60 (node 0) and 100, 60 (node 1)
    • create some traffic between the nodes. Go to the "Add A Traffic Link" section and create a link between Node 0 and Node 1
    • use TCP and FTP for the application and transport (defaults)
    • pick a start time e.g. 0 and an end time e.g. 1
    • click on "Add Traffic Link" button
    • set sensing range - this should be larger than the distance between the node co-ordinates to ensure that nodes can reach each other
    • generate the simulation - click on "Generate" button
    • optionally, before submitting, save the simulation configuration by copying the URL string into a document
    • when ready, click on "Submit Data To Server"
    • the simulation should start automatically. Watch the visualisation.
    • try adjusting the speed
    • try using the pause and start buttons, and the time bar
    • study the event history
  3. Create a scenario with four or more nodes. Again, this can be saved by copying and pasting into a text document. Pay particular attention to the use of RTS/CTS exchanges when the simulations are running. Use the speed control and pause button if necessary.